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5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

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Imagine taking a big breath at the end of the day as you come home to relax and seeing bacteria and mold enter your body. Then think about how on average a person breathes in 16 breaths per minute. Not so relaxing, right?

Our intention here is not to scare you but instead to educate you on how simple things like changing your air filters and installing UV lighting and coil systems can help improve the quality of life for you, your children and even your pets.

Below are five tips from the indoor air experts at Engineered Comfort Specialist on how to improve the air you breathe when you're relaxing at home with your loved ones.

1. Consider Installing UV Lights

UV lighting has been proven to purify air by killing bacteria and mold spores. In a recent study conducted by Columbia University, researchers found, "optical fibers that emit a type of UV light that's safe for skin -- but deadly for drug-resistant bacteria -- may be able to prevent infections around skin-penetrating medical devices..."

Since we spend 90% of our time indoors, it's important to reduce any unwanted bacteria and airborne organisms from entering our lungs. Our heating and air experts recommend Honeywell products that our staff is trained to install in any home or office.

2. Check the Condition of Duct Work

The condition of your duct work is imperative to keep in tact when considering the air quality in your home or office. Leaks in your ducts are often the causes of unhealthy air and can even lead to breathing problems. According to Honeywell, volatile compounds, bacteria and mold spores can still exist in newer homes and installing an ultraviolet air cleaner will help to reduce mold, absorb odors and clear the air.

3. Keep Filters Rotated Regularly

As we mentioned in our recent article "11 Fall Maintenance Tips for Heating Your Home", your air filters have been working hard all summer to regulate the temperature in your house. Be sure to change air and furnace filters on a regular basis and turn off your furnace before inspecting or replacing your filter so dust doesn't blow through the system.

4. Keep the Humidity Levels Under Control

The outdoor humidity in Georgia is something we can't control. However, we can control the level of humidity in our homes by maintaining humidifiers and dehumidifiers to ensure high quality air. Illnesses caused by high humidity levels, pollutants, and viruses are something everyone wants to avoid. Whether you already have the equipment, or you need repairs, give Engineered Comfort Specialist a call and we'll be able to help.

5. Include House Plants in Your Decor

Who knew something as easy as adding plants to your home could help control the air quality? The folks at Wide Open Pets suggest purchasing plants like money tree, palms and spider plant to purify your air and add a little color to your home. In this list, they explain what the benefits of each plant - plus, they are all safe for your children and pets!

If you're interested in improving the quality of air in your home, then please call 404-644-1946 or complete our online request form.


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