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Professional Indoor Air Quality Services

Keeping your home clean is about more than what you can see. Providing your family with a clean household is also about ridding the space of airborne contaminants. These pollutants can have a variety of effects on members of your household, none of them positive.

Our job here at Engineered Comfort Specialist is to help ensure that this is possible for you. It means ridding your house of microorganisms and particulates that are found in the air but have to be dealt with using a non-traditional cleaning system. Let our heating and air conditioning contractors work together with you to help devise a plan of action that will improve your indoor air quality by making your home cleaner, healthier and safer.

air cleaners

Air Cleaners

As the name would imply, air cleaners are in place to help reduce the air of airborne contaminants. Also referred to as air purifiers, this system cleans the air, making it better for breathing.

In fact, this system can even rid the air of odors that tend to linger. Help safeguard your loved ones from pollutants that can trigger or cause respiratory issues.

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humidifiers and dehumidifiers

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Humidifiers add moisture to the air while dehumidifiers remove excess moisture. Both of these whole house systems play an integral role in helping make your home healthier.

Adding moisture to air makes it less arid which help thwart viruses, alleviate sinuses and can even aid in resolving snoring issues. Extracting unneeded dampness from the air cuts down on the likelihood of mold developing and shortens the lifespan of certain illnesses.

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duct cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Have any idea what may be lingering inside of your air ducts? More than likely the answer is no, which means you have no idea what could be lurking there.

Irritants, allergens and other potentially harmful contaminants gather in the duct work and get distributed throughout your home. Plus, too much debris can cause your ducts to get blocked which is why duct cleaning is so important.

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uv lighting

UV Lighting

Nothing smells, feels or even tastes quite like a big breathe of fresh outdoor air. Of course, part of the reason for this is that the UV rays of natural sunlight are able to eliminate many of the airborne pollutants.

So, what if you could replicate it and have this same quality of air in your own home? With our UV lighting, you can have this as well as rid your home of mold that maybe developing in damp dark places, like inside of your HVAC system.

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local hepa filters

Local HEPA Filters & High Efficiency Filtration Pros

The best in quality filters are the HEPA and high efficiency filtration systems. This means that they must be able to remove over 99% of the airborne contaminants infiltrating your home. Let us provide you with the quality service you need that will help make things healthier, cleaner and safer.

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