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11 Fall Maintenance Tips For Heating Your Home

air conditioning tune-up

You may notice a decline in your bank account during the hottest part of the summer and the coldest part of the winter. The added expenses are no mystery.

According to, "Heating and cooling account for about 48% of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, making it the largest energy expense for most homes."

Engineered Comfort Specialist is here to offer you tips and tricks you can do at home to maximize energy efficiency heading into the cooler months.

  • Carbon monoxide is a silent and deadly killer. A leak of the toxic substance can cause a spike on your gas or electricity bill, severe illness or death. The best location for the detector is up high because the carbon monoxide mixes with warm air and rises. Replace the batteries every year! ECS can assist during a tune up or preventive maintenance visit.
  • Consider investing in a programmable thermostat. These gadgets will help keep your system from running when you’re not at home and turn on when you are. A Wi-Fi thermostat can be programmed and you can keep track of your temp on any computer including your phone. Pick one up or have us install one today!
  • Your air filters have been working hard all summer to regulate the temperature in your house. Be sure to change air and furnace filters on a regular basis and turn off your furnace before inspecting or replacing your filter so dust doesn’t blow through the system.
  • Over time debris, dirt, and even slime can clog the drain line. Inspect for any unrestricted drain opening on the base pan of your air conditioning unit. A shop vac can easily fix any issues and help to unclog the line.

Dallas Gregory, HVAC expert and ECS owner, shares his knowledge, "A tune up is needed before you start your system to ensure your safeties are working. In addition, the system needs to be clean so you won’t have a break down during the coldest months of the year."

Need some help? Schedule an appointment for a tune up! Our well-trained technicians can assist with the following needs:

  • Refrigerant levels are not able to be properly checked and adjusted if the coils, blower or filters are dirty. We are happy to check/adjust refrigerant levels and claim unwanted refrigerant waste and dispose of them properly as part of our ECS Green Initiative.
  • Clean dirt, debris and leaves from your outdoor units. This can be a dangerous job if you don’t turn off the power or have the proper tools.
  • Check motors and belts for wear and tear, electrical terminals to tighten connections and accuracy of thermostat.
  • Verify electrical sequence so the heating and air conditioning systems are not running at the same time.
  • Measure air flow through heat exchanger, replace blowers, and check for deal duct leakage.
  • Ensure the exhaust flue on the furnace is in good working condition and all connections are secure.
  • Is your unit more than 10 years old? Investing in a high efficiency unit is likely to save you money!

If you would like to learn more tips on preparing for the cooler months in the Newnan, GA and surrounding areas, please call 404-644-1946 or complete our online request form.


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