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Our Green Initiative

Engineered Comfort Specialist is dedicated to keeping the planet clean. That's why we started Our Green Initiative!

Below you'll find a list to assist our clients in doing your part to save the planet!

1. Bring Us Your Cardboard!

Online shopping means you have lots of cardboard coming to your house. We recycle all of our cardboard.

2. Refrigerants

The EPA requires us to recover R22 and 410A refrigerants. Not all companies bother to do this as there is no true enforcement. ECS cares about what chemicals go into our environment and we recover these refrigerants and send them to a facility to be reclaimed or disposed of properly.

3. Old Appliances And Equipment

Your old appliances and equipment are made of metal, copper, aluminum and plastic parts. All of these materials will be stripped apart and separated to be sent to the proper recycling facilities.

Drop these items off at our office or we can come pick them up free of charge! (Note: We will only pick up large amounts of cardboard.)

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