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What is Geothermal Energy & How Can You Benefit?

geothermal system

More and more Newnan homeowners are on the lookout for a resource for heating and cooling their homes that will be less harmful to the environment. This is one reason that geothermal energy's popularity has been on the rise, as of late. This system relies on the ground, since temperatures below ground remain fairly consistent, no matter the season.

The reason for this is that the ground absorbs approximately 47% of the sun's energy, as it hits the surface of the Earth. So, geothermal heating and cooling simply taps into this and utilizes it to power the HVAC system. Simply put, a geothermal system is devised of a series of underground loops, made up of pipes, that transport temperature controlled air throughout the home.

What You Need to Know

All of this is great because it means that this eliminates the need for fossil fuels. So what are some other useful benefits of geothermal energy?

If you are looking for a way to dramatically reduce energy use, this is the way to do it. You will be amazed at the savings you can see once you make the transition to depending on underground supplies for heating and cooling your home.

You can use your own yard to do most of the work. Aside from having the piping installed, the work and main resource for fueling your system are already in place, literally right under your nose.

You can also feel good about doing your part to be a responsible homeowner, seeking out ways to be more Eco-friendly. This is a huge step towards making your household more green and doing the right thing.

This is an ideal way to create a more even and consistent temperature throughout your home. With other types of heating and cooling systems, the temperature can vary greatly. This is not a problem that you will have, when it comes to your geothermal system.

According to both the Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) geothermal is the most eco-friendly method to use, in order to heat and cool your home. This is not just because it does not rely on fossil fuels, it is also because it does not create pollution in the process.

Find Out More

Our knowledgeable and friendly heating and air conditioning staff here at Engineered Comfort Specialist are ready to answer any questions that you may have. We want to be able to help you make the decision, as well as the transition to geothermal heating and cooling. Let us provide you with the service and results that you want, need and deserve.

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