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Tips On Checking & Replacing Batteries In Your Heating Thermostat

checking and replacing batteries in your heating thermostat

Checking and replacing batteries in your heating thermostat is one of the easiest ways you can ensure you don’t wind up walking into a cold home environment one day.

If you have a digital heating thermostat, it will be powered in either one of two ways. Some are powered from the furnace and some are powered by batteries only. If you have a battery powered digital thermostat, it could be warning you that it’s time to replace the batteries soon.

How to Check if it’s Time for Battery Replacement on your Heating Thermostat

On most digital thermostat models, the background is lighted or has a button to turn on the background light. There will be a small flashing black battery symbol which tells you that it’s time to replace the batteries.

Check the Battery Low Indicator on the Thermostat Every So Often

Sometimes thermostats are not in locations where you would regularly notice a flashing battery indicator. And some only have the background lights on if you push a button, so it’s possible you don’t notice the indicator.

Digital thermostats flash to warn you to change the batteries when they are low. So if the thermostat is around the corner or somewhere you don’t regularly travel in the home, check on it from time to time.

Why Replace the Battery if the Background Light & Heater Still Works?

Well, the answer is that this is a warning to replace it soon. It should flash for about 1 to 2 months on most models before the batteries run out and the thermostat and heater shuts down. Nothing will work until new batteries are installed.

How To Replace Your Heating Thermostat Batteries

Replacing your heating thermostat batteries should be very simple. However, the exact location of the battery compartment can vary from system to system.

Some thermostats have a press button to release the batter compartment while in general many will have a front battery cover on the bottom or sides that are visible.

Some have an internal battery compartment which required the thermostat faceplate to be removed for access. See below for more info on these.

* Important When Replacing Batteries On Heating Thermostats:

Be sure you don’t take the old batteries out and wait to put a new one in. If you do, the thermostat may have to be entirely reprogrammed. Replace the batteries within 20 to 30 seconds of removing the old one and you’ll be good to go.

How To Remove Heating Thermostat Faceplates When Replacing Batteries

  • On most thermostats, the faceplate is released from the wall by the bottom first and then the top.
  • Hold the wall plate in place. It’s located behind the thermostat. And then carefully lift off the thermostat.
  • Be careful, as some have bottom tabs that have to be pressed in or screws that have to be loosened before you pull.
  • After replacing the heating thermostat batteries, carefully align and snap the faceplate back on.

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