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Trusted Heating And Air Conditioning Service In Greenville

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Home and business owners in Greenville depend on Engineered Comfort Specialist Heating and Cooling for all the heating and air conditioning needs. From repairs, and maintenance to full system installation and replacement we do it all for your residential and commercial air conditioning. You can feel confident knowing that we will perform every job right the first time in a manner that is affordable and efficient. We have built a reputation in Georgia as a premier HVAC contractor. We provide the highest level of customer service and offer only industry leading Greenville heating & cooling products that are guaranteed to last.

Heat Pump Repairs

When your heat pump fails, it is essential to repair it as soon as possible. Contact your local Engineered Comfort Specialist Heating and Cooling technician to visit your home or business and repair your heat pump fast. We can repair or replace all component of your heat pump in no time at all and get your system running smoothly again. Our team is highly trained and skilled in heat pump repair.

Geothermal Systems

Regardless of where you live in Georgia the temperature below the ground stays fairly consistent regardless of the seasons. So whether it’s freezing winter or blazing summers your geothermal system can maintain the same level of quality performance. Geothermal heating & cooling systems utilize energy from the ground and then provide your home or business with the right amount of air conditioning all year long. This is a highly efficient form of heating & cooling and will save you money on your electric bill each month.

Solar Power Systems

For a revolutionary alternative to conventional heating, try solar powered heating products from Engineered Comfort Specialist Heating and Cooling. When placed inside a window that has exposure to direct light, the air inside is channeled through the air intakes of the unit and then redistributed using a solar powered fan. The air is heated as it passes through, so you get warm air as a result. Solar powered cells are used to heat the air. This is a highly efficient, energy saving method of heating the air in your home. The drastically reduces your heating bill each month, and is Eco-friendly.

Gas Fire Logs

If you want the perfect fire every time, then try brand new gas logs from Engineered Comfort Specialist Heating and Cooling. Gas logs produce magnificent flames, while displaying an authentic look. The greatest benefit to gas logs, is there is no mess which comes with traditional fireplaces. You’ll also experience no smokey rooms or fire hazards with real logs. This is creates a much more enjoyable atmosphere in your den or living room. Experience the job of dependable and safe gas fire logs.

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