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Saving Energy With Furnace Services In Newnan, GA

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Sometimes a furnace will seem to be operating fine, but really be using up way more energy than it should. There are various reasons this could be happening.

Saving energy is important to all of us, so finding the source of high energy bills is important. A professional heating inspection can uncover hidden problems that aren’t apparent.

If your electricity bill is higher than it should be and you don’t see a reason why, it could be the furnace. But wait, why would the furnace use more electricity than it should if it seems to be heating right?

The professional Newnan Heating and Air Conditioning contractors at Engineered Comfort Specialist can help you learn some of the various causes of high energy bills, and the solutions for an energy efficient furnace. Here are some helpful tips.

Gas Furnace Inspections & Maintenance

Gas furnaces are great for energy savings over electric furnaces. However, there could be more ways for you to save energy with your gas furnace.

What could be going on is that your furnace is running dirty. A tune-up provides the most efficient use of any type of furnace. This is where regular maintenance is important. The mechanical parts should be well-kept and certain parts kept clean.

Your furnace may not be cycling right, which will run it continuously and take up much more energy. A furnace inspection will uncover the problem.

Furnace Repairs & Replacements

It could be that you need to make changes in the way the furnace is used or that some changes need to be made with the heating system. You may need to upgrade the furnace or just the blower. A variable speed fan provides different operating speeds based on your true needs.

An average blower needs about 750 watts to operate. Non-stop operation of the blower for 24 hours at an electricity rate of 16 c/kWh comes out to a $90 increase on the bill. Keep in mind this is calculated for 24 hours of operation.

Thermostat Problems

The thermostat controls how often the furnace turns on and off and how long it stays on. Thermostat malfunctions can cause it to cycle too frequently or work much harder than it needs to. Replacing the thermostat or repairs may be necessary. During an inspection, the thermostat is tested for accuracy by the technician. If you are in need of our furnace services then please give us a call at 404-644-1946.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Furnace Services in Newnan or surrounding areas, please call 404-644-1946 or complete our online request form.


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