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It's Fayetteville Heating Tune-Up Time!

fayetteville heating tune-ups

But the question can be, just who do you trust? If you haven’t utilized heating tune up services before, you may be just picking out a name from a search online or via reference from a friend. But that really isn’t the best way to determine whether or not your Fayetteville heating repair company is honest.

One sure way to know is the length of time they’ve been in the business. It takes time to become an experienced professional that can properly tune your furnace system no matter what type of heating equipment you have installed in your home.

Finding the right heating tune-up specialist in Fayetteville or surrounding areas means calling the experts at Engineered Comfort Specialist. As fully licensed professional HVAC technicians, we have experience working on all types of heating and air conditioning equipment and have serviced the Coweta and Fayette county areas since 2007.

Give our experts a call and you’ll receive an honest, competitive quote that’s affordable for your heating tune up service. You’ll also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Benefits of Heating Tune Ups

We count on our furnaces for our lives at times, because without them we can truly suffer with no heat in our homes. That makes it really important that we’re prepared to be able to maintain and make repairs when necessary, and it means you need a reliable HVAC company ready to help you when yours goes down or when you need tune-ups or other maintenance.

Heating Tune-Ups in Fayetteville are done in a specific manner with a number of checks, lubrication, cleaning, and more. They help you to rest easy knowing your system is working at top performance so you can count on it when it gets cold out.

If you leave your heating equipment with worn down or dirty and grimy, sticking or rusted parts, you’ll soon cause your system to fail. Normally, that happens on an emergency basis and the damage is much more extensive than it would have been if an inspection and repairs had been done. The costs will be greater as well, and all along the way there will be a waste of any energy savings you would have seen.

During a heating tune-up, there are some basic things done for all heating equipment types, but your inspection will be done according to your specific equipment installed. Here are the basics we for most heating tune ups. The inspection is very involved where your licensed electrical inspector will take a thorough look at all your system components to be sure there’s no weaknesses, malfunctioning or stressful conditions going on. If there’s just one weakened, it can take down other parts, so basically your entire mechanical system will be thoroughly checked.

  • Condensing coil inspection and cleaning
  • Checks on the compressor
  • Leaks and refrigerant leaks & charging
  • Drain lines flushed
  • Thermostat checked, adjusted
  • Worn or damaged parts

If you’re looking for a heating tune-up in Fayetteville, call Engineered Comfort Specialist at 404-644-1946 or complete our online request form.


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